Study Guide

hop over to this website By studying this Course as it is meant to be studied, you will develop success habits. It is urged that:

  • As you study this course, study it for a purpose.
  • Continually search the course for ways to achieve your goals and/or how to solve your problems.
  • Concentrate as you study. Study as it has personally written to you – and you alone.
  • Know what you are looking for. Commit yourself to Recognizing, Relating, Assimilating and Applying the principles, techniques and ideas that this course provides to you.
  • Ideas come from unexpected places! It is therefore important that you study with a pen or pencil in hand – ready to underscore or jot down anything of interest. A flash of inspiration or an answer to your problem. This principle also applies to any books or articles you may read, lectures you attend, or from watching films or television.

generic topamax no prescription The universal principles contained in success science course are designed to stimulate the imaginative facilities of your brain and nervous system so that they will create new and useable ideas for you. As you study, ask yourself, “what does this mean to me and how can I use it?”

You should be alert for each “How To” as well as its component, “What to do”, as there is a direct relationship between the two. The answers are there!

Develop good study habits. Set aside a specific time each day to study your lessons. We recommend studying approximately 15 minutes a day. Make certain that it is a time that your mind is most alert and receptive to new ideas. Discipline yourself to study every day – never allowing yourself to skip days.

Choose a location to study where you will be comfortable and unlikely to be disturbed. Try using the same place every day.

When starting each new lesson, we recommend that you read it through from start to finish – stopping only to mark what you feel is important; what you would like to memorize. Or, put a question mark by the statements that you don’t quite understand. This is also an excellent time to jot down any inspiring ideas or potential solutions to problems that you might have. Try hard to complete the lesson before you stop reading.

Always keep in mind your definite action plan, read and study your lesson once again. Making certain that you comprehend the information in each paragraph.

You will find it helpful to reread each lesson a third time. It will help reinforce what you already have learned and to perhaps memorize self-motivators that now appeal to you.

The way of success is the way to action, based upon organized thinking followed by action, action, action.

To fully achieve the goals of your life, study, think, plan and apply the principles that this course will provide for you. Once you have successfully completed science of success, you will find that your subconscious mind will always react positively for you. Then and only then will your door to success be open to you.

devise viagra uk How to apply success science:

  1. Recognize: to identify the principle, idea, or technique
  2. Relate: to connect or join together; to establish a relationship to your own life.
  3. Assimilate: to make similar or alike; to incorporate; to absorb; to become a part of you, your thinking and your action.
  4. Action: to denote use, follow-through; doing

Each ingredient is important and has special meaning; but, when combined, they become a formula for your success.

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