29. Modern Business Success – Module 1: Entrepreneurship

You will learn about:
  1. What entrepreneurship is
  2. The key qualities of a successful entrepreneur
  3. The common mistakes and how to avoid them
  4. The startup environment
  5. How to come up with ideas
  6. The Lean Startup
    1. The lean startup concept and philosophy
    2. How to create a business model canvas
    3. Defining your customer profile
    4. Drafting your value map
    5. How to conduct market research
    6. How to test your value proposition
    7. Tools to build your MVP
  7. From Team to Company
    1. Building your core team
    2. Finding/hiring employees, freelancers and mentors
    3. Choosing the appropriate legal structure
    4. Intellectual property
    5. The first steps in actually creating your business
    6. Building a financial model
  8. Pitching your startup
    1. Funding and Selling your Startup
    2. what are the funding sources for your startup
    3. how crowdfunding works
    4. Raising equity/capital
    5. Startup valuation
    6. Selling your startup