19. Personal Philosophy

order clomid 100mg online “Your philosophy is the major factor in how your life works out.” – Jim Rohn

Pregabalin no prescription Why do some people enjoy lives of great abundance, while others struggle endlessly to realize their dreams? Is success reserved for a lucky few, while everyone else is left to battle against life’s uncontrollable circumstances?

In this first module, Jim will address these questions. In his own unique style, he will explain why, contrary to today’s conventional wisdom, there are no secrets to success and no intricate formulas known only by the privileged elite. You’ll get to hear some of the important lessons he learned from his mentor, Mr. Earl Shoaff, and understand why these lessons still work today.

But first, you’ll hear from best-selling author and inspirational speaker, Mark Victor Hansen, who will share his own personal success philosophy as well as some of his favorite memories of Jim and what he learned from him.

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